Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Game Review: Sleeping Dogs

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
Today I will bring you a review of another sandbox shooter game, called Sleeping Dogs!
A bit about the game and developers.
Sleeping Dogs is a sandbox adventure-action game in which you are an undercover cop that does his best to arrest the leaders of largest, most dangerous gangs in Hong Kong. Sleeping Dogs has been developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix.

About Gameplay.
As I said, in Sleeping Dogs you are an undercover police officer. A friend of yours manages to put you into the strongest, most dangerous gang in Hong Kong, and from there you are slowly working your way from a foot soldier to gang leader. On your way there you encounter various problems and problematic people.

Since this is a sandbox, you are able to travel all over the Hong Kong, even without being on a mission. You are also able to go to shops and buy clothing that give you extra experience from one of the tree skill lines, or extra damage with melee weapons. You can also buy different cars and motor bikes. Very bad thing about this game is that you can't own a stolen vehicle. So If you stole a car from someone, you can't just store it in your garage and re-use it. To be able to do that, you have to buy the car first.

Sleeping Dogs is a role playing game. In this role playing game you also earn experience points for three different factors. Cop experience, Triad experience and Face experience. Each of those factors gives you different powers in game, and I have to say this.. It is pain in the ass to level it up. You get Cop and Triad experience by doing main missions, but you get Face experience only by doing boring, way too easy side missions which barely give you any experience at all. And the worst part is that you can't drive good cars and have good clothing without high Face experience!

Cop experience give you different skills for weapons such as slowing down time, or it allows you to knock weapons out of your opponent's hands. Triad experience allows you to deal more damage using melee weapons, and it also allows you to jump onto cars from further distances and so on and on. Both of them are quite useful.

The game practically has two different storylines, one for police officer that is under cover, and one for a gang member. That is what makes this game slightly different, as well as rather long. After 11 hours of the gameplay I really started to get tired of it, since everything took so long to evolve, and the Face experience was locking me out of good clothing and badass cars.

Graphic and Audio
The game looks rather nice, but there are many other games which bypass it in the quality. I think that the developers didn't really put much work into it, and that they could have made it much, much better. Audio is pretty much always Chinese, so people who like that will enjoy it a lot. I on the other hand, found it slightly annoying after two hours into the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- You get to experience the stress of an undercover cop.
- A different approach on missions.
- Very unique skill trees.
- Good, but too long story line.

- No multiplayer.
- Face experience stops you from enjoying the customization in the game.

Final grade: 6/10

Extra Info: The game is fun, but It really gets a little bit boring after a while. If they added some type of a multiplayer into it, i am sure that the game would be much better.

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