Monday, June 24, 2013

Game review: Max Payne 3

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have returned!
How have you been? Have you missed my reviews? Well in case you have, good! Because I've missed my readers too!

Even though I didn't write many reviews, I did play some games that i planned to review.
Today I'll be reviewing Max Payne 3!

A bit about the game and developers.
Max Payne 3 has been developed and published by Rockstar. Many of you know about them, and in my opinion they are one of most known companies out there. They are publishers of Grand Theft Auto series, Max Payne series, Midnight club and many more.

About Gameplay. 
Max Payne 3... Is amazing. In this game, you are a guy named Max Payne. The game is happening couple of years ago after Max Payne 2. Max was invited to a party where he needed to make sure that one family will stay safe. Of course, if everything went according to plan, the game would be boring. Max Payne is one of those typical "shoot first, ask questions later" games. All you do through the whole game is kill people. But you kill them with style. You can jump over the tables, chairs, from wall to wall, over obstacles and so on and on. And while you're jumping like that you enter a slow motion. That makes the game much more fun, and enemies much easier to kill.

Though, don't get me wrong here! Max Payne 3 is one of hardest single player games I've played in a long, long time. It takes you two to three bullets to die, while it takes quite a number of bullets to kill your opponents, since they have body armor. That makes the game very challenging to play, but also, sometimes, extremely frustrating. I remember trying to beat the beginning of last level like seven or eight times how hard it was. I just couldn't do it.

Max Payne 3 is also the first Max Payne game that allows you to play multiplayer. You can chose
between three game types - team deathmatch, deathmatch and gang wars. In deathmatch everyone is against everyone. In Team Deathmatch you randomly get into a team of players and your objective is to kill the other people. Gang wars are almost the same as the other two, except here you have an objective. For example, capture and hold a bag. Or protect a building from the enemy forces who are trying to take it over. Though, no matter which game type you chose, you are always in one of five gangs. Those are like sides.

You can even customize your own character! You can pick from various faces, chest, tattoos, hairs, pants and shoes. Each gang has it's own clothing which makes them unique. The only drawback on multiplayer is leveling up. In multiplayer you need to level up to open up more looks for your characters, more weapons, perks and so on and on. Bad thing about it is that it takes forever. Leveling up is so slow already from early levels, that it seems impossible. And with most of the people being level 50 and having overpowered skills and guns, leveling gets even harder.

Graphic and Audio
Graphic and audio of this game are extremely good. Even though this game is not openworld sandbox game, they made sure that the background of the game looks as realistic as it possibly could. And songs in the game are extremely catchy to listen! They do get repeatable at some point, but they are so fun and catchy that I didn't mind them at all.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Beautiful graphic.
- Very fun gameplay and slow motion.
- Multiplayer! And customizable characters in multiplayer!
- Many weapons in both single player and multiplayer.

- Extremely slow multiplayer progression.
- Sometimes the multiplayer servers are empty.

Final grade: 8.5/10

Extra info: If this game had a co-op option, it would definitely get full 10/10. It would, though, make the game much easier. This game is truly amazingly fun and i recommend it to everyone!

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  1. I loved the first two Max Payne and I was worried about the 3rd because Remedy sold the IP, but then I thought: "Well, it's Rockstar" and so they made a fantastic game :D