Friday, November 23, 2012

Game Review and giveaway: Fortix 2

Heya folks! Today I'll be writing about something slightly different than what I usually write about. I'm gonna write about an arcade called Fortix 2!

A bit about the game and developers.
Fortix 2 is a game published by Nemesys Games studios! They are the same studio behind a game that i reviewed about a month ago, Ignite. Fortix 2 is a sequel to a game called Fortix, which is not published by the same company and thus I still haven't played it.

About Gameplay. 
Fortix 2 is an arcade game in which you are a knight who is trying to make one demon leave his kingdom by moving in straight lines. Of course, there always has to be something that is trying to battle against you to stop you from doing so. In this game those are dragons, orgs, bats, and a towers (which are actually turrets).

Some creatures have different types. For example there are three types of dragons. Green dragon, bone dragon and black dragon, each of them doing something different. Green dragons are just dumb and they just roam the map, maybe accidentally hitting you. Bone dragons sense when you get out of safe area and instantly start to fly towards you to eat you alive. Black dragons are my biggest enemies..  They are very fast, smart and they spit fire which is very hard to dodge.

Orgs just walk around the fortress. Fortress is guarded by towers which throw rocks or fire arrows at you. And bats follow your safe line. Which means that even though you are safe from all other creatures, bats can still kill you in safe area as well.
To get rid of a monster you have to make a square over them which will instantly banish them.

There are also some doors that you sometimes need to open by gathering keys on the map, since you can't actually go over the wall. And there are some power ups which grant you some bonus speed, extra life or maybe freeze enemy creatures for a short period of time. During all that time your main mission is to conquer the map by walking over it and destroying monsters on it.

To be able to finish the mission you need to destroy all turrets and catch all the red shields with an axe in them. That is your main mission. Killing all creatures on the map will only give you extra points.

Graphic and Audio
Graphic is very cartoony, but it's very fun to play something that looks slightly different than other games that I have played so far. During all my gameplay i only heard about three different music tunes and all three of them sounded like those tunes that you hear in any Medieval movies or games. Very nice and catchy sounds indeed!

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Fortix 2 is very fun to play, and maps look very nice.
- The game is easy enough for it to be very fun to children, while also being difficult enough to make adults play it until they beat it!
- Medieval music fits great into the game.
- You can change your character's icon.

- The game is very short.
- Sometimes you step out of the safe zone so little that you can't even see it, which sometimes leads to unexpected death. (Happened to me several times)

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: Fortix 2 is very fun, short game and I recommend you to buy it if you have few €. In case you'd like to try your luck by trying to win it, sure! All you have to do is either subscribe to my blog or write a lot of comments and visit very often, and I'll invite you to my private Steamgifts group!

If you are in the group already, join the giveaway here: Fortix 2 group giveaway.

Thank you, Developers, for giving me three copies of Fortix to give away!



  1. Love ya midnight :P I just read Sanctum and now this :)

    1. heya, I donno if i invited you to my private group yet or not. can you please give me your steam community profile page? thank you :)

  2. Thanks for the nice review. I appreciate how you review games that not everyone may have. It helps for an audience who purchases (not all) mainstream games.

  3. Thanks for making Reviews! its fun to read you text. ^^

  4. Fortix 2 is a great game, I just wish they had been able to lengthen it somehow. It was still a very enjoyable experience, although I'm not sure everyone is going to get $10 of enjoyment out of it. It's definitely something to pick up if it's on sale.

    That also reminds me - maybe you could have links to the Steam store pages for games you review? That way, if people are interesting in looking at the game for themselves, or maybe even buying it, there's a link right there for them at the beginning/end of the review?